Welcome to the Asian Society for Innovation and Policy

We are unsatisfied with the current networks of the Asian experience in innovation. There are such places and meetings but most are sub-branches of Western meetings and societies with journals being no exception. Thus, we created the Asian Society for Innovation and Policy as a network from the Asian experiences and perspectives in innovation.

Perspectives from manufacturing and service, along with academia, management, and related policy are welcomed. Our philosophy is innovation should be encouraged from an interaction between different networks, disciplines, and sectors.

The society is well represented by our simple slogan, Innovation for Sustainable Asia.

We believe in these principles:

  • Innovation and learning based on science, technology and knowledge is the key for development.
  • Innovation and learning is encouraged by interacting between disciplines, sectors, and countries.
  • Innovation and learning should work even in the worst international political climates.
  • Innovation and learning should be diffused for development in Asian countries.

Any scholar or professional who believe in these principles are welcomed no matter who the person is or
what country that person comes from.

President, Dr. Young Joo Ko